Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Please Eat! My New Book is on Amazon

It's official.....I am a published author/illustrator!!! A 15 year dream of mine to publish a book has finally become a reality!! I am thrilled to pieces to see my story and pictures in print.

I wrote Please Eat! for the preschool/kindergarten crowd (although my big boys still love looking at it and reading it to their little sis).  I was inspired to write this book many years ago out of frustration...the frustration that ensued when my boys were going through the "I-won't-eat-anything-on-my-plate-no-matter-how-hard-you-worked-to-cook-this" phase. Oh that was an awful time for this foodie mama!!! Over the years I have realized that almost every parent has dealt with a picky eater at one time or's a bonding thing, actually. We all can sit around and lament over our children's finicky eating habits.

Thankfully, my children are now, for the most part, good, healthy eaters. And two out of three of them love trying new foods. My picture book encourages young children to try healthy foods with fun, catchy rhymes and silly, playful drawings. I hope to show kids that food is fun and a healthy, balanced diet can and should taste good.

You can buy my book on Amazon. Please Eat! makes a great gift for young children and grandchildren, teachers, nutritionists that work in schools or with kids, etc, etc. Please check it out!!!

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