Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Hand Goodie Bags

I totally stole this idea off Pinterest.  It is just so cute - I HAD to make them!! I made these spooky goodie bags for my son's Halloween class party (27 kids! SHEW!).  I won't lie, they take some time to put together, but the end result is just so kids' smiles made all the shopping and assembling worth it.  I sure hope my son's classmates like them as much as my own children do.

These hand bags would be great to give out to those few special trick-or-treaters (close friends' children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, godchildren, cousins, etc) or even to children you know who have food allergies. You can fill them with allergy safe candies or opt for just filling them with little trinkets and toys instead of candy.

Here are the items you definitely need:

Vinyl gloves with no powder - I bought a pack of 100 for $3.50 on Amazon (I'm sure CVS or Walgreens has these, as well, if you can't wait for them to ship)
Smarties for the fingers
Tootsie rolls for the thumbs
Plastic spider ring
Ribbon to tie them at the top

What you put inside the gloves is up to you! Here are some ideas:

Any type of candy - Ring Pops are always a big hit, so are Pop Rocks
Plastic spiders, plastic snakes, plastic creepy crawlies
Stretch skeletons
Vampire teeth
Fake mustaches
Plastic severed fingers (I think the kids will love these the most!!)
Plastic rats
Halloween jokes or riddles written on a card
Bouncy balls

I bought just about everything from the dollar store. Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, the grocery store and Amazon are also great places to find little Halloween novelty gifts.



  1. Those are adorable! I know the children will love them.

  2. Hi Cindy!!!! Thank you!!! I sure hope they do!! :)