Monday, February 6, 2017

Pioneer Woman's Homemade Cinnamon Bread

Of all the things I bake and cook in this world, this homemade cinnamon bread is my husband's absolute favorite. I'm surprised I've never blogged it; probably because it isn't an easy recipe - it isn't crazy hard, it just takes time (and a Cuisinart - sure, you can hand kneed the bread dough, but the Cuisinart really helps).....

Basically this is a recipe that I need to plan for....I start it in the morning and usually it's ready around dinner time.  And it doesn't really last past dessert because my husband AND children go on complete attack mode. "Cinnamon Bread?!?! Did you make CINNAMON BREAD? Is that FRESH CINNAMON BREAD I smell? From SCRATCH? Mom, I love you! I love you! You're the best! Can I have a slice now? I can't wait until after dinner? PLEASE!!?" Okay, you get the idea......I leave a stick of butter out to soften all day and as soon as I pop this baby out of the oven they start coming at it with serrated knives ready to slice and eat!

I used to make a Joy of Cooking cinnamon bread recipe that was quite amazing until I discovered the incredibly talented Pioneer Woman has a recipe of her own!  Truth be told, the PW's recipe is even more delectable and now I will never try another!!!

PW always has THE best pictures and detailed instead of listing them on my blog, I'd like you to just click HERE and check out her blog for yourselves. I promise you this bread is worth the effort and time. ENJOY!!!

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