Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Bunny Hot Rods

Vroom, Vroom! Here comes the Easter Bunny! Your kids will go crazy for this very cute Easter snack/craft! Fun to make and fun to eat! This "recipe" makes 24 hot rods. Happy Easter!

2 packages of Peep bunnies
2 packages of gummi PeachieOs
24 life savers (1 bag of individually wrapped life savers will yield enough)
1 Betty Crocker cookie icing (you could always make your own icing and pipe it - but, why bother, this is SO easy!!)
4 rolls of Sprees
24 Swiss rolls (2 packages of 12 rolls)

Here are all the ingredients you will need to make the hot rods

Swiss Rolls

Use the icing to add the Sprees "wheels" to the rolls

Use the icing to add the life saver "steering wheels"

Cut the bottom off the PeachieOs to make a horseshoe shape. This will be the "seat" on the hot rod.
Use the icing to stick the PeachieO to the back of the bunny Peep

Use icing to adhere the Peeps to the hot rods. You will need quite a bit of icing for the bunny. Don't fret, though -  that one little pouch of icing really will stretch - in fact, I had icing left over!

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