Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

This recipe has been floating around Pinterest for quite some time. I finally made it and it is super delicious!! This dinner was as easy as you can get, tasted amazing AND my WHOLE family ate it! Yup, it was one of those rare moments, folks! All three kids LOVED this chicken!! I'm so excited! Now I want to make it again and again!! I must say I did NOT put the kids' chicken back into the crock pot after I shredded it - saturating it in the wing sauce would have been way too spicy for them! Remember that if you plan on serving this to your kids!!!

This spicy, shredded chicken would be great for so many things- in tacos, on nachos, on a baked potato, or served on a split bun (ooh, I'm envisioning coleslaw on top of that!!).  We ate ours in soft tacos. We topped it with shredded carrots, lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheddar and crumbled blue cheese (only the hubby and I ate the blue cheese)....the blue cheese really made it, I must say! I plan on using the leftovers to top some potato skins (recipe to follow later this week!).  Remember, you can easily double or triple the recipe and bring it to a pot luck or serve it at a party.

**Please note that I only made half of the recipe below (I used three chicken breasts, half a bottle of wing sauce and approx. 1/2 package of Ranch) and it served my family of five (but my three children are little).

3 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 bottle of buffalo wing sauce (like Frank's or I used a brand I found at Whole Foods and it was great)
1 package of Ranch seasoning mix

Place chicken in a crock pot. Top with wing sauce and Ranch seasoning mix.  Cook on low for 8 hours. Remove chicken from the pot and shred. If you plan to serve the chicken to your children, you may want to leave theirs out at this point (so it isn't too spicy). Return shredded chicken to the crock pot and let it soak in the sauce for another 30 minutes.
This is the freshly shredded chicken before I put it back into the crock pot to soak in the wing sauce
Serve with tacos, nachos, on a baked potato, on a bun or any other way you think sounds delicious!!

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