Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hummus Cups with Veggies

This appetizer is a simple as you can possibly get! It was a huge hit at my last party!! It took me mere minutes to assemble and every single "cup" was eaten by the end of the night! Oh, and it's a healthy little app, too! SCORE!!! This is going to be my new go-to!! Enjoy!

Pre-made fillo shells (click here for an example)
Your favorite store bought hummus, any flavor
Cherry Tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Any veggie you like!

Fill pre-made shells with a heaping teaspoon of hummus. Fill with cut veggies of your choice. Serve cold.


  1. Kel- what are the cups you bought because you couldn't find filo dough? i like those better than filo dough...

    1. They are called Siljans Croustades and I got them at Fresh Market!