Saturday, January 18, 2014

Garden Burger Stuffed Pita with Hummus & Cucumbers

I have made this Cooking Light inspired meal twice in the past two weeks. My husband and I don't eat a lot of meat and we have always loved veggie burgers. This dinner involves very little prep, is healthful and tasty, too. You can use your favorite type of frozen veggie burger (we love Tomato Basil Bocca Burgers and Black Bean Garden Burgers) and your favorite flavor of hummus. I always have hummus in my fridge as well as cucumbers (my daughter eats them in mass quantities). I keep pitas in the freezer as well as Garden Burgers.....this meal is a tasty no-brainer. I serve it with either a spinach berry smoothie or a side salad. The whole dinner (or lunch) comes together in under 10 minutes. It's perfect for those crazy weekday nights when the kids have after school activities. Enjoy!

2 Garden or Bocca Burgers (your favorite flavor)
2 Pitas, 1/4 of the top cut off to make for a deep "pocket"
Cucumbers (you could also substitute lettuce or tomatoes)

Cook frozen Garden Burgers in a skillet for about 5 to 7 minutes until warmed through. Add hummus to pita pocket. Place burger in pita; add cucumber slices. 

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