Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super "Orange" Sunrise Juice

Okay, I think this might be my new favorite juice!!! It's so yum, yum, yummy!! The ginger (note that small little nub of freshly peeled ginger down by the pointy tip of the carrot) gave the juice a little unexpected kick!!! I added the cucumber in there because, why not? It has hardly any flavor, but gives tons of juice and is full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants!! And that sweet potato is not only full of glorious beta-carotene (a powerful anti-oxidant that protects our cells - also in the carrots and oranges), but it provides potassium and magnesium. And the pineapple, well, I never need a reason to add pineapple to anything (it happens to be my favorite fruit of all time).....but, just in case you are curious, it is overflowing with vitamin C and manganese (another powerful anti-oxidant).

Before I started blogging my juice recipes, I was afraid no one would care or I'd get negative feedback like, "Enough with the juice, you hippy, give us another meat and pasta dish!" But to my happy, happy surprise, I have received lots of wonderful feedback from friends encouraging me to blog MORE juice recipes!! WOW!! You guys are awesome!! Juicing is such a wonderful way to LOVE and HEAL our bodies. I am extremely passionate about it. I have been juicing on and off for over ten years. I recently started juicing again and am amazed at the way my body has reacted in such a short time. I am hooked again! This time I think for life!

Please let me know what you think of this Super "Orange" Sunrise Juice!!

*Please note that I always use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Fruits like oranges and pineapples do not need to be organic because they have such thick skins. But it is best to buy organic carrots (which are cheap) and especially cucumbers (non-organic have a waxy coating that should be removed before juicing).

3 oranges, peeled
3 carrots
2 cups of pineapple
1 medium sweet potato, peeled
1 organic cucumber
1/2 inch nub of fresh ginger, peeled (use more if you like a strong ginger flavor or omit if you do not)

Run everything through your juicer (I always re-juice the will be surprised how much more juice you get from a second round through). Drink immediately or save in an air tight container for one to two days MAX.  This makes approx. three 8 oz glasses.

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